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Risk Management

Account Funding

All trading on Seed Market and Seed SEF requires allocated capital set aside by the Participant for entering into Transactions. Participants must hence deposit capital into one of Seed CX's partner depository institutions or wallet providers to obtain an Available Balance.

Once a Participant has an Available Balance, Limits can be assigned across its various Trading Desks. The sum of all Limits assigned across all Trading Desks must be equal to, or less than, the Participant's overall Available Balance on a particular day.

Real-Time Tracking

Trading intra-day will decrease a Trading Desk's Limit by the amount of Initial Margin required for the Transaction. Net positions reduce the Limit, whereas offsetting positions return the Limit to its previous level. Realized profits & losses increase and decrease the Limit respectively, whereas only unrealized losses reduce the Limit. Participants cannot trade on unrealized profits.