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Press Releases
Apr 02, 2016

Seed CX Featured as The Hemp “Game Changers” at The 3rd Annual NoCo Hemp Conference

Seed CX was featured as the “Game Changer” of the hemp industry at the Third Annual NoCo Hemp Expo. NoCo, the largest US hemp trade conference, is a two-day event that ran from the 1st to the 2nd of April in Loveland, CO. Over one-hundred and thirty of the largest hemp companies in the world exhibited and presented, with over three-thousand people in attendance. Colorado Hemp Company (CHC) organizer of the NoCo Hemp Expo, Morris Beegle, said he could not have predicted the growth of the conference or the industry over the years since holding the inaugural event in 2014, which featured between only 15 vendors in a Colorado bar. One of the key visual attractions this year was the BMW i-3 electric car, which uses exclusively hemp fibers. The Seed CX team attended as sponsors, exhibitors and presenters

The response to Seed CX was overwhelmingly positive from processors and cultivators throughout not only the US, but also globally. Zev Paiss, the Executive Director of the National Hemp Association, a National hemp trade association based in Colorado commented that “Creating a secure market and hedging tools is a crucial piece of the infrastructure. The legitimacy that Seed CX brings to the industry by having hemp listed as a registered commodity, like corn or oats, will be a huge driver in the growth of the industry."

Brian Liston, co-founder of Seed CX, spoke to an audience of two-hundred leading hemp company CEOs and investors and noted that “Seed will allow hemp participants to secure their incomes by locking in price using forwards and options. Seed CX will also facilitate physical trading in a secure and reliable eco-system which includes secure payments and arbitration of any disputes surrounding quality. As a hub of market participants, Seed CX serves as an impartial third party aggregator of information, which our agricultural and financial economists analyse and disseminate back to the market.”

Edward Woodford, co-founder, was featured in an extended filmed interview with Ben Droz, the lead congressional of Vote Hemp. Edward highlighted that “if you ask anyone in this room of hundreds of hemp companies what the price of hemp oil will be in two months, let alone one year, people will say they don’t know. In emerging markets, prices can be exceptionally volatile. Without price security, it is impossible to make accurate forecasts and investment decisions as well as ensure a stable operating cash position.”

Chad Rosen of Hemp Foods America, a Hemp Seed processor in Kentucky commented, "As the market for hemp grain grows, there will be invariably be a discrepancy between demand and supply. Like with all Ags, this will lead to ongoing price volatility, making it hard for me to manage expenses and plan for growth. Seed CX gives my business a platform that allows me to lock in prices, as well as take control of opportunities to buy and sell, as the market becomes more visible."

About Colorado Hemp Company & The NoCo Hemp Expo

Colorado Hemp Company was founded in early 2012 and has become a leading organization for the advancement and advocacy of hemp farming, processing, production, innovation, education, and legalization in the USA.

The Northern Colorado Hemp Expo is an annual conference that celebrates the revival of industrial and nutritional hemp production in Colorado, North America and around the world. The event is produced by Colorado Hemp Company.

For more information, visit ColoradohHempCompany.comNoCoHempExpo.com. Follow them on Twitter @[email protected]

About Hemp Foods America

Hemp Foods America is an American company with headquarters in northern Kentucky, that aims to provide sustainable hemp grain profucts in the form of organic oil, protein powder, flour, and de-hulled seeds to health conscious consumers nationwide.

For more information, visit [email protected]

About the National Hemp Association

The NHA is a 501(c)(6) Colorado non-profit corporation created to encourage trade and discourse among hemp professionals in Colorado and across the US.

For more information, visit [email protected]

Media Contacts

Seed CX:

Brian Liston

Seed CX

US Tel: +1 857-242-8248/ UK Tel: +44 (0) 7896213638

Email: [email protected]


About Seed Commodities Exchange (Seed CX)

Seed CX offers a trading platform that is awaiting regulatory approval from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Seed CX’s goal is to use the tools of financial engineering to cultivate financial security in underserved markets, where there exists unique idiosyncratic risk. Seed’s focus is on providing innovative means to secure operational stability for hedgers and new investment opportunities.


Edward Woodford and Brian Liston founded Seed CX. Seed CX is backed by a consortium of Fin-Tech focused venture capital firms and strategic partners including proprietary trading firms and farming groups. Dr Wayne Marr, Ph.D. And Marc Vial sit on the Seed CX board as independent directors.


For more information, visit www.seedcx.com

or follow us on Twitter @SeedCX