Exchange & Data Connectivity

Connect and interact with Seed CX in a way that suits you.

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Fast Path

Seed CX offers a robust infrastructure for trading where latency is the primary concern. Participants can connect in a number of ways across geographically diverse set of data centers.

FIX & Binary APIs

Participants interested in low-latency trading can take advantage of Seed CX's FIX order entry and execution gateway and its proprietary binary multicast market data gateways. Participants need only connect to a single FIX gateway to route orders to any market offered by Seed CX or its subsidiaries.


Seed CX’s primary trading engine and network point of presence (PoP) is located in the Equinix NY4 data center in Secaucus, NJ with an additional PoP and backup in the Equinix CH1 data center in Chicago, IL.

Participants can cross-connect at either NY4 or CH1 or both. For our latency-sensitive participants, we recommend cross-connecting at NY4. Please contact us if you would like to establish a cross-connect.


Seed CX allows participants not currently hosted at any Equinix data center to connect directly via an extranet provider. A list of currently supported extranet providers can be found here. contact us if you would like to connect to us via an extranet provider not on the list.


Participants may also connect directly to either of Seed CX’s PoPs (NY4 and/or CH1) over IPSec. contact us to get set up with site-to-site VPN access.

Web-based Trading

Seed CX offers a responsive and professional web-based execution infrastructure for participants looking for a custom-built solution.


Participants looking to get started quickly can utilize our proprietary order management system. Beyond order management and execution, traders can simultaneously monitor a wide number of products, customize widgets to a specific layout with drag and drop functionality, and execute pre-negotiated block transactions in a beautiful and dynamic GUI.


Participants can submit secure order execution and account management commands to Seed CX via its Web API. Market data and live updates are published to subscribers over WebSocket.

Software Vendors

Independent Software Vendors (“ISVs”) can provide connectivity to participants via the FIX protocol or WebSocket API. For a list of ISVs currently supporting connectivity to Seed CX, please click here.