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Seed is the global exchange and network infrastructure for emerging commodities. 

Seed CX was born because two students had an idea in the graduate dorms of MIT. Our investors and team believed in us. We now want to help others commercialize those ideas.

Seed CX facilitates physical trading in a secure and reliable eco-system, which includes secure payments and arbitration of any disputes surrounding quality. We are actively finding demand and supply sources as well as connecting producers, wholesalers and processors. As a hub of market participants, Seed serves as an impartial third party aggregator of information, which our agricultural and financial economists analyze and disseminate back to the market.


Agriculture has changed

  • rapid diversification
  • environmental concerns 
  • regulatory quirks
  • customer demand shifts

Yet existing infrastructure is only built for anachronistic and mature markets.


A seed... is a rapidly emerging agricultural commodity that is rapidly growing and increasing in accessibility due to dramatic market restructuring, regulatory change or a societal paradigm shift.

Seed is launching an ecosystem of tradable agricultural products.


Seed is backed by a consortium of FinTech-focused venture capital funds, commodity traders, exchange veterans and strategic partners. 

The Seed management team is the combination of financial expertise, technical talent and regulatory know-how. 

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