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seed is an emerging commodity that is rapidly growing due to a dramatic market restructuring, regulatory change or a societal paradigm shift.

Seed CX facilitates secure and reliable trading of seed commodities for Eligible Contract Participants (“ECPs”). With an integrated trading and settlement eco-system, Seed CX can offer both spot and derivative products, with the ability to settle financially or physically.  Using this infrastructure, Seed CX plans to launch a wide number of fiat and cryptocurrency pairs. This is achieved by trading on, and leveraging the services of, our multiple portfolio companies:

Seed Market operates a platform for spot trading on cryptocurrencies. Seed Market leverages the regulatory insight from Seed SEF to provide a transparent and legitimate spot marketplace.

Seed SEF is registered as a Swap Execution Facility with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Seed SEF received regulatory approval in record time.  Seed SEF will operate this platform for trading swaps, options and forward contracts in cryptocurrencies.

Zero Hash provides compression and settlement services to reduce counterparty risk and optimize capital efficiency. Seed has created a unique fiat-crypto settlement ecosystem, with the ability to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies.