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Seed SEF
Trade Flow

Seed Portal

Seed Portal is used for managing all administrative functions, including counterparties and authorized traders.

     A. Update credit agreements and authorized traders in Seed Portal.
     B. Credit matrix and authorized traders ares persisted to Seed SEF nightly.

Seed Portal

The Seed SEF infrastructure routes all trades through a number of modules to ensure an efficient and compliant market. 

  1. Price transparency provided by Seed SEF CLOB & market data.
  2. Order entry to Seed SEF via FIX/API or web application.
  3. Market Gateway receives orders and sends information back to market. 
  4. Seed SEF orders are checked against the credit matrix before matching to ensure Participants have agreements in place.
  5. Execution via the matching engine.
  6. Participants are informed that their trades have executed.
  7. At the same time, the SDR Reporting module submits the trade information the CME SDR
  8. Once acknowledged, the trade is persisted to the rest of the marketplace. 
  9. Market Regulation monitors every stage and signs off on trading activity at the end of day.
  10. At end of day, the CFTC reporting module submits all required Part 16 reporting to the CFTC.