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Seed SEF

Join Seed
Joining the Seed CX ecosystem is a simple process of providing us your contact information. Once you have set up an account, you will be provided access to the Seed Portal, a central dashboard that provides access to account administration, data, trading facilities, payments and more. By joining Seed, users can also gain access to market data and economic research that can be subscribed to or purchased for review.

Submit Application
From the Seed Portal, potential Participants submit their applications to Seed SEF by walking through the online questionnaire. The topics covered in the questionnaire include personal information, legal disclosures and financial adequacy. Seed staff will review the submitted application and determine if additional information is required, or if the Applicant successfully has been admitted to Seed SEF for trading.

Operational Onboarding
Once approved, Participants must work with Seed Operations to provide access to Seed SEF via web or API, set up trading accounts and update credit relationships. Seed provides a sandbox testing environment for certification if an API connection is desired.