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Our Product Partners

The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance is a national organization that promotes the Canadian hemp industry and hemp products globally.

The National Hemp Association is a Colorado-based non-profit that supports the growth and development of the hemp industry.

The Hemp Industries Association is a non-profit trade association representing stakeholders working with industrial hemp.

The European Industrial Hemp Association is a non-profit member group with objectives to support the European hemp industry.

The Kentucky Industrial Hemp Council is comprised of heads from several departments within the state of Kentucky.

The American Oil Chemists' Society is the support network for science and technology relating to fats, oils and other related material.

Our Trade Partners

The Futures Industries Association is the leading global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets.

The National Futures Association is the self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry.

The CME Group provides listed derivatives for execution and clearing, and acts as Seed's Swap Data Repository. 

Our Technology Partners

The FinTech Sandbox is a Boston-based nonprofit that is united in its goal to help FinTech entrepreneurs build great products.

FinTEx is a collaboration between leading players in financial services and technology in the Chicago area. 

The FS-ISAC is a world-leading resource for cyber and physical threat intelligence as it relates to finance.

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