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Seed is an electronic trading facility regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Seed is backed by a consortium of farming groups and exchange liquidity providers.
Seed CX’s goal is to use derivative tools to cultivate financial security in emerging agricultural markets, with idiosyncratic production risks. Seed’s focus is on providing innovative means to secure operational stability for hedgers and new trading opportunities for speculators. Seed CX operates in areas where there have been recent regulatory shifts, which present the potential to innovate in new or obscure markets.
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Having been involved in farming my entire life, I know the benefit that Seed CX will bring in creating the infrastructure for a growing viable and secure hemp market. This is exciting given that the US hemp industry has to date created over 500 jobs in Kentucky and countless more throughout the country.

Jamie Comer, Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky 2012 - 2016

With the advent of the first hemp harvest in the U.S. since the 1950s, the availability of a new staple commodity with incredible growth potential is an exciting prospect.

Christopher Lee, C.E.O. of Valkyrie Trading

Growing hemp represents so much opportunity for Kentucky and the United States. You need people like Seed CX to drive the market and push the industry forward in a way that actually puts us on the map.

Josh Hendrix, President of KYHIA, Business Director at CV Sciences

Seed CX is compiling the information bank that will see them define the commoditization of hemp.

Steve Bevan, COO of GenCanna Global

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